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Online Nutrition Consultations

Not quite sure if you are doing it ‘right’? Well, rest assured, there is no single right way to eat. We’ll work together to ensure you are getting exactly what your body needs from food that you enjoy. What you won’t get from me is a diet plan or strict rules - that gets a bit boring after a while doesn’t it? I’m more interested in your health and well-being than your waist size, so we’ll find some simple ways to improve your overall intake whilst enjoying all foods, nothing is banned. There’s no diet culture here, promise.

Not sure about online nutrition consultations?

By meeting online, it reduces travel time and allows you to fit in sessions more easily into your life, and allows me to make sessions more affordable by not adding in the cost of an office. All you need is a quiet space and access to Skype or Zoom. It is exactly the same as meeting in person, except you sadly can’t share my snacks! The advice and support is exactly the same, but in the comfort of a space of your choosing. Not convinced? We can have our discovery call face-to-face via Skype or Zoom so you can give it a whirl.