Nutrition FAQs

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What qualifications do you have?

I am a Registered Associate Autritionist (ANutr), registered with the Association for Nutrition. I have an MSc in Human Nutrition (with distinction) and a BSc(HONS) in Biological Sciences. I have undertaken training in many areas, including intuitive eating with the lovely Laura Thomas Phd and body image with Fiona Sutherland.

Where are you based?

I live by the seaside in Brighton, and offer both online and in person clinics either in Brighton or London. Appointments can be in person or via Skype, both can be booked here

How do I remember what we talked about?

After each session you will get an email from me, summarising our discussion. I will include key points and actions as we agree them, further information that I consider useful or has been requested (such as nutrient sources, recipes etc). Clients working towards long term goals may also get homework such as reading or a worksheet to complete.

Do you sell supplements?

No, absolutely not. I also won’t be suggesting you buy anything unnecessary and expensive. The only recommendations I give are based on potential deficiencies that are essential to health.

What is evidence-based nutrition?

The short answer is that I have read, understood and (most importantly) critiqued the research available and used it to inform my advice. That includes sorting the high-quality research from the less convincing/poor quality and having the skills to do so. It is important to note that nutrition research is very specific to the discipline, as and such nutrition professionals have been trained to understand the limitations and applications of this research.

What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating helps you to listen to your body’s natural cues. It gently reconnects you with understanding hunger and fullness, helps to improve body image and allows a more flexible approach to nutrition without feeling out of control around certain foods. Developed by dieticians, it comprises a set of tools that allow you to move away from rigid diets and develop a more positive relationship with food and yourself as well as being shown to improve health markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol.

What is Health At Every Size (HAES®)?

Also know as the non-diet approach, this weight inclusive paradigm promotes health seeking behaviours.

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