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Intuitive Eating Programme

Intuitive Eating (12 weeks)

During this 12-week programme, we will explore Intuitive Eating and how it can support you. It is a truly bespoke process that will be determined by you, your body, and your lifestyle. It isn’t a process to be rushed, so it might be that additional support will benefit you which we can discuss during our time.

There will be some between session tasks, designed to help you put the sessions into practice. This may take the form of reading, worksheets, or mini-challenges for you to try. Resources will be provided and I will be available on email to support you.



Session one (90 minutes). This is our longest session, so that I can truly understand where you are at with food, eating, dieting, body and self and where you might need the most support. We will set the ground work for the upcoming sessions and start to lay the foundations for your new set of skills.

Session two (60 minutes). This is usually booked within the same week, as it helps to cement the ideas and build on what we discussed in session 1. Here we really get stuck into your Intuitive Eating journey, and start to learn how to move on from diet cycles, restriction and feeling out of control.



Sessions 3-10 (8 X 45 minutes): In these, we build up a set of tools and skills to break free from dieting, develop interoception (awareness of internal cues) and learn to embrace all types of foods. These sessions can be scheduled to fit you – everyone has busy lives, it isn’t always possible to do the same time every week and that’s ok! Ideally scheduled every 7-10 days to build up the skills in the most effective way, spending time where you need to so that you get support where you need it most.


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