personalised nutrition consultation 

Not quite sure if you are doing it ‘right’? Well, rest assured, there is no single right way to eat. We will work together to ensure you are getting exactly what your body needs from food that you enjoy. What you won’t get from me is a diet plan or strict rules - that gets a bit boring after a while doesn’t it? I’m more interested in your health and well-being than your waist size, so what you WILL get is an assessment of your general intake, personalised dietary advice and some simple ways to improve your overall intake whilst enjoying all foods, nothing is banned. There’s no diet culture here, promise.

Before your appointment you will fill in a few questions about eating habits and general lifestyle which we will discuss together. You will receive personalised, evidence-based recommendations both during the session and summarised for you afterwards. Initial sessions last around 75 minutes and can be in person at my office in Central London or via Skype. Follow-up sessions can be booked directly. Should you feel you need more regular support (including email/text for those between session questions) please enquire about packages to

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