Intuitive eating

Intuitive what now?

You’ve probably seen baby-led weaning, those kids know what’s up. This is the adult version, but with fewer bibs and it’s waaay less messy (probably). Work out what on earth your body is trying to tell you, get to the bottom of those rules and regulations that have built up around food and learn to nourish yourself again.

Intuitive eating is an evidence-based paradigm, linked with improved body image, an improved relationship with food as well as improving physiological health markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol. A series of 10 steps, we will break them down one by one and slowly establish a new normal with between session support and a little bit of homework here and there. We will work on understanding hunger and fullness, not feeling out of control around food, emotional eating and self-compassion as well as ensuring nutritional needs are met.

This is an investment for the long-term and so requires a few sessions for you to build up your tools for the future. You will learn the steps of intuitive eating and how to implement them in your life, how to shake off diet culture and be able to spot the bullshit a mile off.

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